Challenge yourselves and your friends by playing jointly, simultaneously an escape room mind game of observation, cooperation and riddle-solving!

An original mind game putting your skills of observation and collaboration to the test! Open to teens of 8 to ...108! It’s challenging, entertaining, alternative, genuinely novel and accessible to all!

Set in original surroundings, this game was created with due respect to the history of the premises. We came up with this idea of a perfectly safe entertaining riddle meant to mobilize your observingness, your capacity to liaise with others, your inventiveness – an experience certain to monopolize your chats for several years to come!

Have you ever wondered how you would react if asked to operate under time pressure, with cooperation being a must and the challenge way too luring to go by? The Medieval Town of Rhodes is playing host to the MYSTERY OF RHODES escape room. Come by and live this experience!

You are 2 to 5 dwellers or visitors of Rhodes. Can you build a team? This is the goal - easier said than done! Learn how to do it, the fun way. Nowhere else will such an opportunity be given to you!

Challenge yourselves and your friends by playing jointly, simultaneously a game of observation, cooperation and riddle-solving.
Live a unique experience: not just for the entertaining aspect but also because this will help you know yourselves and your friends!
Entertaining, sensational, lively: this is what this game is !At long last, no computers involved, no virtual reality to experience. The only reason to accede the Internet shall be to learn about the MYSTERY OF RHODES and locate the venue.

  1. You are supposed to be locked in a specially arranged setting
  2. You are expected to find the solution to the riddle for the door out to unlock
  3. You shall have to search for information, tools, answer riddles, come up with solutions to practical challenges so that step by step you are led to the final answer
  4. All this you will have to have accomplished within an hour – this could be long enough or too tight, depending on your team-building capacity and cooperativeness as well as on the skills of each and all of you to work out problems and find solutions.

Participation Fee: 40 Euro for teams of two. For a team of 3 to 5 people, the fee shall be of 50 Euro.
  • Teams of two find it typically more difficult to reach the final stage, although entertainment is at all times guaranteed. A team of 3 – 4 people is generally more likely to be efficient. No more than 5 players are allowed in each team, since the premises are spacious enough for just this number. Moreover, the MYSTERY OF RHODES was contrived with a max. 5 member teams in mind.
  • Are you pregnant or maybe claustrophobic? No problem! The premises are more than 25 square meters wide, there are no scary surprises, dark corners or any macabre encounters whatsoever to be expected. You shall be under constant monitoring through CTV and there will be constant on- line communication between the team and ourselves. Besides, you have the possibility to open the door anytime you so chose, although thus would also herald the end of the game.
  • Minors are also allowed to participate upon express consent of their families or legitimate guardians.
  • We chose to host this game on authentic premises, creating a perfectly safe experience meant to trigger your observingness, your capacity to cooperate and your inventiveness – something you will definitely be talking about for long!
Choose your room:
Medieval room - Find the diamond of the Grand Master
Italian room - Release the imprisoned pilot

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